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Thank you to all the wonderful people below who financially supported the creation of this EP! (If you contributed, but you don't see your name below, please make sure you've completed your backer survey from Kickstarter.)

Andy Gregory (Local 518 Show Host), The best sister in the world (and Roo), C+F, Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius, Heather Hewitt, Jana and Scott Stiffel, Jana Havey, Jay Anderson, Kelley Marie, Ken & Ute, Laura Garrison (mothair), Laurie Ann and Ryan, Margaret Alsarraf, Matthew Blake Mac Haffie, Maura Marcks, Nina Nichols, Owen Schwartzbard, Patrick Lane, Sam Torres, Sophia Vastek, Sphinxie, Ty Versocki

If you're bummed about missing the chance to be part of the Mixed Feelings project-backing team, it's ok... because you didn't!
You can still contribute AND get rewards!

How do I do it?

Well, first, check out the project's rewards page to see what goodies you might want!
Then, if you have PayPal, you can contribute by clicking here.
If not, email me and we'll figure something else out!

If you're thinking, "hmm, I dunno... that sounds shady," I don't blame you (I would've thought so, too!)... but apparently it's fairly common!
Here's the email I got straight from the people behind the curtain at Kickstarter:
"If people missed out on backing your project, or want to make changes to their existing pledge,
you're welcome to make individual arrangements (it won't be possible to make these changes through Kickstarter)."

What will the funds be used for?

All funding will be used to support the making of this album; extra funds beyond the initial Kickstarter goal would allow for things such as the following:
hiring someone to design album art, improving album packaging materials, paying more to the musicians for the album release show, etc...

Confused about all this stuff? No problem; just send me an email and we'll go from there!